The reason Fit 5-40-5 program works is because it is based on the best available science with respect to biology and body chemistry as it pertains to movement, nutrition and mindfulness.

These three components need to be optimized in order to optimize body performance and overall health. Consider these three areas like the legs of a 3 legged stool. All three legs must be working optimally in order for the stool to be firm and steady. If even 1 leg of the stool is not working right, the stool is no longer functioning at its best. The same can be said for exercise, movement and mindfulness in relationship to our health.

The program also has the support built in to the systems to help users overcome some of the most prevalent roadblocks that can keep us from achieving our goals. This feature is unique and is evident throughout the entire program in order to get you over the finish line.
Finally, the program is built with versatility in mind. Rather than a one size fits all approach, there is room for choice and adaptations to be made so that this program works for you.
If you take the step to get started, you will have the support you need available for you for rest of your journey.
We have identified the challenges that frequently held people back from achieving their ideal life and health:
Chronic fatigue
Fluctuating moods and depression


FIT 5-40-5 combines three vital components of health—fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness—into one easy-to-follow program. Think of these components as the legs of a three-legged stool: if one is missing, the stool cannot stand. These three components hold equal significance, and all of them must be in balance to achieve optimal health.

For some, this is self-evident. However, for others, their attempts at improving their health might only focus on diet, exercise, or meditation as stand-alone methods—they don’t necessarily realize that all three components are vital parts of the whole picture.
Exercise affects our state of mind, just as diet affects the function of the brain and our ability to move. We can’t give one aspect more attention than the others, and we can’t rely on the hope that one will be strong enough to compensate for weakness or lack in the other two.
If the only thing I do to take care of myself is exercise, I might get some results, and I might even look great, but it won’t lead to optimal health. If there’s emotional stress in the house and I’m eating a terrible diet, my body will eventually succumb to chronic stress, no matter how much I exercise.